Happy new year!

With my hubby last night, ringing in 2012.

Happy new year! I started the year by writing out some focus points for 2012 on some Marilyn Monroe cards. Yesterday I saw the film, My Week With Marilyn, and it’s added to my appreciation of her as a unique, beautiful and tragic woman. I’m using this statement of hers as inspiration for the new year: “I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful.”

I started this morning off with some delicious beet, spinach, parsnip, celery and green pepper juice. One of my primary goals for the new year is to thrive on a VEG based diet. More vegetables, more greens, more raw and a happy tummy for 2012.

We’re leaving on vacation for California for a week. I’m looking forward to getting away, spending time with my hubby, and soaking the healthier influences that California has to offer. We’ll be doing a few days at Disneyland, visiting friends including my oldest and dearest friend from high school and a dance friend who I met in Sweden in 1999. We’ll go out dancing and dress up and go to the Queen Mary. And, very importantly, I’d like to visit a few raw restaurants! I’m not sure which ones we’ll get to yet, it depends on which areas we end up in when we’re hungry. Maybe Juliano’s or Cru or, well, any of them!


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