Holiday Recap 2011


Sir Alton Brown's Free Range Fruitcake with my healthier variations. It was the belle of the ball!

Is it weird that I only took photos of the sweet offerings?

My family's favourite - hamentashen!

Rum balls for my mom. Raw vegan but with lots of rum.

Sticky Gingerbread cakes.

On a whim I whipped up some pecan cookies.

Visions of sugar plums!


One thought on “Holiday Recap 2011

  1. Muve Music…OMG! Too Funny! And to think I heard about it here, FIRST!!! LOL! Love all your goodies, love the photos, beautiful tree, vintage furnishings…wish I could come visit first hand. :-))) You would make my day! But next best thing is virtual…So needless to say Mandi, I am a happy camper. Thanks for sharing your world with us. Love it.

    Wishing you fulfilled expectations in 2012. XOXOXO


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