Green green green juice

I had considered easing off the cleanse tomorrow, mostly because I’ve got a party in the evening, but I’m enjoying it. I think I’ll continue tomorrow and ease off Wednesday instead.

I picked up some more veggies since I’ve been going through them so efficiently. I admit that I did not enjoy collards or leeks in my juice though, so those will wait in the fridge to be turned into something when I’m done with this. More kale was definitely in order, and I picked up a whack load of other greens too.

  My sister named my juicer Helga. Like a strong German woman squeezing out the juice with her bare hands. I think it’s appropriate too.

Green Juice Recipes?

I want to add another green juice that I’m enjoying. Yesterday I posted about the combination of Kale, kohlrabi, bok choy, celery, zucchini, cucumber which is my new favourite. I’m also enjoying cabbage, anise, spinach and parsley. It comes out surprisingly well balanced.


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