I had the pleasure of sharing a table with Lee, Marlie and Kent from Truly Organic Foods at the Toronto Raw/Vegan Festival a couple of weeks ago. I was selling my Health Nut specialty nut butters, raw vegan nut cheese and also some delicious raw vegan salted caramel macaroons.

Lee & Marlie of Truly Organic Foods

The festival moved from 1 day in June to 2 days in December. It wasn’t as busy as the famous June event, but I’d say it was still quite well attended. Perhaps because of the holiday season, stock wasn’t flying off the shelf like in June but the event was fun to participate in and it was good exposure. The nut cheese was definitely the big hit. I sold out of herbed cashew and the other cheeses did very well too.

Myself (Mandi) and Lee at the Toronto Raw Vegan Festival

I ate so many delicious things on Saturday including a lot of raw chocolate. I was pretty wired and stayed out late swing dancing on Saturday night. I was also one of the first people to arrive on Sunday and was very energetic right until the moment of closing.

Health Nut Butters & Raw Vegan Nut Cheese at the Toronto Raw Vegan Festival

I thought that the eggless egg salad from Nzyme was really delicious, as was a raw vegan tiramisu, brownie, etc. etc. etc. I absolutely loved the giant salad with “falafels” that Raw Solar Food was making. I actually had that salad both Saturday and Sunday, that’s how good it was.

Kent and myself (Mandi Gould), Day 2 at the Toronto Raw Vegan Festival

I’d like to participate in the festival again. Maybe next time I can get a table of my own, beside or near Truly Organic Foods so that I can spread out a little more.

Health Nut Butters & Truly Organic Foods


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