Raw Vegan Pumpkin Cookies

Actually, I’m using the trick that I got from Rawlicious and these cookies were made with soaked butternut squash, not pumpkin! Butternut squash is more readily available and a bit less expensive, so why not?

These measurements are approximate. I actually made all of the coconut cashew butter in advance before I knew that I’d use it to make this recipe.

Required Equipment:

  • Juicer
  • Food Processor
  • Dehydrator
Raw Vegan Pumpkin Cookies Recipe
  • 1 smallish butternut squash, refuse removed, cut into pieces and soaked 3+ hours (recommended by Rawlicious since it’s very starchy)
  • 600g of coconut + 4 tbsp of coconut oil, blitzed into coconut butter
  • 600g of cashews
  • 1/3 cup raw agave or to taste
  • 2 tbsp pumpkin pie spice
  1. Run the butternut squash through the juicer. Save the juice for other recipes, it’s the pulp you want for the cookies.
  2. In food processor, make your coconut butter first. Blend until completely smooth.
  3. Add your cashews to the coconut butter and blend until smooth. This should make a smooth and creamy butter.
  4. Add agave to taste.
  5. Add the pulp from the butternut squash. Blend.
  6. Add your spices, blend and voila! You’ve got a really sticky mushy mess. Time for the deyhdrator. As best you can, roll your mushy dough in to round cookie shapes and place on dehydrator sheets.
  7. Dehydrate 10+ hours at 110 degrees. Flip and dehydrate for another 3 to 6 hours, or until they’re no longer oily/overly moist on the outside. This can be adjusted to your preference.
  8. Eat your cookies!

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