Raw Vegan Coconut Milk

Well, getting in to the raw vegan groove certainly is a learning curve. I’m embarrassed to say that I hadn’t fully been paying attention to one of the ingredients I’ve been using in my raw vegan desserts. Coconut milk (from a can) is not actually raw! Major oops!!!

I was so focused on the overall recipes and textures that I’ve been grabbing a can of coconut milk and basically assuming that it’s raw but this is not the case. For it to be canned, it’s heated. Bummer! There goes another convenience.

Not to fear. I found an excellent website that explains how to make raw vegan coconut milk. Check it out! For the truly devoted raw foodists, this is the ticket to making the raw vegan coconut milk that I use in so many desserts in combination with coconut butter. Yum! And well, if you’re not that die hard of a raw foodie, you can just keep on using the canned stuff.

How To Make Fresh Raw Coconut Milk


7 thoughts on “Raw Vegan Coconut Milk

  1. Thanks for the honesty. I am glad to find this new website to add to my list. :))) It looks very good. Do you have a Green Star Juicer? Will you be able to do this? Just wondering.


    • I saw a lovely woman at the farmer’s market yesterday who had been at the potluck and she asked me if I knew how to make my lemon square recipe completely raw… and I didn’t really understand what she meant at first. Then she mentioned the coconut milk to me and it started to dawn on me that I had made that assumption when I was looking at the organic coconut milk but that it didn’t actually say raw anywhere on it. Wow, I felt really badly for having brought something to a raw vegan potluck that wasn’t exclusively raw, though I think it was a pretty honest mistake.

      My juicer isn’t a Green Star but I think it will work out just the same. I have a coconut in the fridge and I’ll try this out and soon as I can find where Geoff keeps the hammers. 🙂

  2. Ha, true! The scissors are always walking away so having a floral set helps to remind him that those are MY kitchen scissors. Maybe a floral hammer for the kitchen too? I certainly consume enough coconut that I could justify it. 🙂

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