Raw Vegan Lemon Squares (Original)

Raw Vegan Lemon Squares

I’ve been thinking about raw vegan lemon squares since I put the date for the next Conscious Eating Niagara potluck in my calendar. Well that day is today, and I’ve whipped up two 9X9 inch pans of raw vegan lemon squares which are now chilling in the freezer. I was a little bit concerned about trying out this new recipe on the day I plan to serve them, but I did a taste test on Geoff and he gave it a big thumbs up!

I couldn’t find an existing recipe for raw vegan lemon squares online. There’s one really amazing looking recipe for raw vegan lemon meringue pie which I’d like to try at some point, but it requires Irish moss which I have yet to acquire. Otherwise, lemon recipes are mostly reserved to cheesecakes. Well, no more! Here’s my spin on a delicious raw vegan lemon square recipe.

For my updated Totally Fabulous Raw Lemon Squares recipe, click here

Original Raw Vegan Lemon Square Filling:

  • 450g of coconut butter (approximately one jar or about 4.5 cups of fine dehydrated coconut converted in to coconut butter)
  • 6 lemons, zested first, then squeezed
  • 400 mL of raw coconut milk or 1 can coconut milk (canned coconut milk is not actually raw)
  • 1/2 cup of lucuma powder (optional, you could just use a touch more agave and possibly a tiny bit more coconut butter)
  • .33 cup of raw agave
  • 1/4 tsp tumeric
  1. Blitz the coconut butter in the food processor.
  2. Once smooth, add the lemon zest. Blend.
  3. Add the the coconut milk. Blend.
  4. Add the lucuma. Blend.
  5. Add the lemon juice. Blend.
  6. Add the tumeric. Blend.
  7. Add the agave and pulse a few times until it comes together. Do not over blend.
Raw Vegan Cookie Crust:
Please see my post about pie, cookie & brownie crusts.
Once you’ve pressed made your base, add the filling and let chill in the freezer for at least one hour, or in the fridge for at least 3 hours. Cut in to squares and serve!

5 thoughts on “Raw Vegan Lemon Squares (Original)

  1. I think you have outdone yourself. This looks wonderful and a thumbs up from Geof just pushes me over the edge. I will save this recipe. When my daughters gets settled in their new home, I will pull these recipes out and let them try their hand at it. Thanks!!!!

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