Raw Tomato Sauce Recipe – Raw Vegan Tomato Sauce

A few weeks ago, I had a delicious meal at Live Organic Food Bar in Toronto. My sister and I shared the raw pizza and raw ravioli. Both were delicious and both used a supremely delicious sauce that we learned included red pepper. I became determined to recreate that flavour profile.

Pizza LoveThe closest thing I found on the web is this recipe for Spaghetti Love. I didn’t make it as written because I picked up 2 bushels of tomatoes from my friend at the St. Catharines farmer’s market and this recipe only calls for a single roma tomato. I used the ingredients as a framework to create my own version of a delicious sauce that’s much more heavily rich with tomatoes. I’m going to call mine Pizza Love in response to the excellent original post. đŸ™‚

This recipe is approximate. A little of this, a little of that… taste and adjust as you go.

Pizza Love!

Raw Tomato Sauce Recipe – Raw Vegan Tomato Sauce Recipe

  • 1 bushel of roma tomatoes
  • 2 cups of sundried tomatoes (I used tomatoes I had already dehydrated)
  • 4 to 6 cloves of garlic depending on size and preference
  • 6+ dates
  • 4 red peppers
  • huge bunch of fresh basil, at least 1 cup or more
  • good bunch of fresh oregano, 1/2 cup to 1 cup, use more for a pizza flavour
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • sea salt to taste
  • additional Italian herbs as desired
  • 1/3 cup of dulse – My secret ingredient! Optional, but excellent.


A little of this, a little of that, blitz in the food processor or vitamix and away you go! So yummy! My husband was really surprised it was raw. I heated his up since that’s his preference and he wouldn’t have known the difference between that and a cooked sauce if I hadn’t told him.

To intensify the flavour, you can pour all of it into a shallow dish and leave in the dehydrator at 105 degrees over night. Yum.

Check out my recipe for Raw Pizza Chips!




5 thoughts on “Raw Tomato Sauce Recipe – Raw Vegan Tomato Sauce

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  2. OMG!!! This really sounds great. Especially the chips! Thanks for such a creative idea. I love dehydrated chips and this sounds like a winner.

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  4. I’m hooked on these chips. I have to stop eating them so that they last past the end of the fresh tomato season. They’ll be great to have when it gets cooler and the fresh tomatoes aren’t as readily available.

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