Raw Vegan Brownies

I’ll be posting individual recipes when I get a chance, but for the moment I thought I’d post photos of the variety of raw vegan brownies that are currently filling my freezer. I spent about 7 hours making nut butters and raw cookies and raw brownies last Friday, and today I felt like making a few more. I’ve become a raw vegan dessertist!

Raw Vegan Brownies, made with the classic raw combination of walnuts, dates and cocoa powder. Ive layered it with my favourite raw vegan icing; coconut butter, agave, vanilla.

Raw Vegan Brownie, this time made with almonds so a bit of coconut butter and coconut oil was needed to help it bind together. Same excellent icing as before.

I wanted to make a nut-free version of the brownie so this one is made with sunflower seeds! Topped with red cocoa powder.

These little bites are zippy and minty, made with the addition of peppermint extract and fresh mint in both the brownie and the icing.


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