Falling in love with RAW

For several weeks now, I’ve been falling in love with raw food. This is quite a jump from my love of baking to no-heat food prep… or is it? As it turns out, raw food centres around a few of my very favourite ingredients; nuts and dried fruit. So maybe it’s not such a stretch after all.

I had read a lot about the raw food movement and was particularly curious about the various raw dessert recipes. If you haven’t googled raw dessert recipes, you’re in for a pretty incredible visual treat. Here are a few sites that dish up some serious raw eye candy; Sweetly Raw, The Raw Dessert (hasn’t been updated since the holiday season but still awesome), Bit of Raw, Rawmazing, just to name a few.

My first real attempt at raw was the raw cashew icing from this recipe which I paired with a pumpkin cake for our one year wedding anniversary at the end of November. I thought it came out great and my curiosity was definitely peaked. But it wasn’t until the end of January when I finally checked out Rawlicious in Toronto that I finally experienced the full power of RAW.

This is my restaurant review, as posted on Urbanspoon.com, which captures my first true raw experience:


Move over Fresh, Rawlicious is my new go-to!


Yesterday my father and I hit Rawlicious for the first time and we shared the most sensational, vibrant, flavourful meal possible. We hit the Junction location and it was so cozy and inviting. Really charming. The food – sensational!


We started with the nacho platter to share which was a generous sized platter of raw “chips” served with a fresh tomato salsa, guacamole and an amazing coconut sour cream. We loved it! I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to eat for my entrée since I intended leave room for the raw desserts I’d been craving, so we each ordered a wrap. My father had the taco wrap and I had the caesar wrap. I secretly wanted the taco wrap too but thought I should order something different and boy was the caesar wrap good! It came wrapped in a collard green which was super cool and the nut loaf and dressing inside the wrap were so flavourful. I’ll be hard pressed to try something different on the menu the next time because I’m looking forward to having that wrap again.


Finally dessert… this is what desserts are meant to be. I follow several raw dessert blogs online so this is the part I was really looking forward to. I had the cheesecake which was a chocolate mint, and my father had the pecan pie. Wow. They were both incredible. The cheesecake was so smooth, velvety, rich yet light at the same time. Absolutely fantastic. And the pecan pie was rich and sweet on the bottom with the wonderful crunch of the pecans on top. A very generous portion and completely yummy and satisfying.


What really floored me was the price. All this plus my beverage for $54! It was a real feast, and could easily have been priced higher and been worth it. I can’t usually get out to the Junction so I’ll be hitting the Yorkville location next time, and regularly I’m sure. Go check it out!

Since that post, I’ve been frequenting Rawlicious (their second location is conveniently located 60 seconds away from my studio and I hadn’t known it) and I’ve also paid my first visit to Live Organic Food Bar, also a fabulous experience. Live serves both raw and cooked options which might be a nice option when going out with less adventurous eaters, and the raw brunch that I had there was fascinating and fabulous! I’ll definitely be back.
Am I now a raw foodist? Well, no. But I’m quickly becoming a raw dessertist and all around raw enthusiast. I’m starting a category for raw recipes here on this blog and I’ll be posting frequently in that category in the coming months.
I am completely hooked on raw!


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