Kitchen Renovation & Allergy Testing Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here since we’ve been renovating our kitchen.

On Boxing Day, we started to reno… It’s now February 28th and we’re in the home stretch and though we aren’t quite finished I plan to get back to some baking by the end of this week.

I’ve really missed baking during this time. I did take a day to do some baking for my gluten-free sister at my dad’s place a few weeks ago which I found extremely satisfying, but I didn’t have a chance to blog about it. I made gluten-free pumpkin muffins, a variation on my gluten-free gingerbread, and some (of course) gluten-free cornbread.

During the past couple of months, I’ve also finally had my formal allergy testing taken. The results are in! And pretty weird but fascinating… much is explained.

Note: these tests were taken via blood work and run through a professional medical labratory.

Primary Allergies/Intolerances – foods to avoid completely
Navy beans
Bean Sprouts
Lima Beans
Sugar Cane
Cow’s Milk
– Casein
– Cottage Cheese & similar cheeses in particular
– Cheddar cheese, whey, yogurt
– Mozzarella and goat cheeses not quite as bad

Secondary Allergies/Intolerances – foods to avoid most of the time
Kidney Beans and similar beans

Portion Control

This is really fascinating. I’m not only hypoglycemic but actually allergic to sugar! Well if that don’t beat all. I had a major sugar binge when I was in Korea in the fall, around when I started to feel really horrible, so that makes sense. I also definitely ate a lot of bean sprouts and more dairy than usual while I was over there too. That combination along with the stress of the trip (business) would have definitely contributed to how bad I felt both during and for many weeks after the trip.

I’m still not writing off the soy which didn’t show up on the test results but I’ll keep it mostly out of my diet since I did react to it on the elimination diet.

It’s a bummer about the beans, but not a surprise. I don’t feel great after I eat most beans. Lentils showed up as fine. There’s no mention of chickpeas though which I’d like to clarify. At some point I’ll have to do a bean-specific elimination diet to determine which beans I might be ok with since they only tested for a few specific types. On one end of the spectrum, lentils are fine, and on the other end, navy beans are extreme.

The eggs are also a bit unfortunate. I’d wondered about them though since they weren’t a part of the elimination diet. They aren’t a primary allergy but I should eat fewer of them. They were working well hard boiled as my post-teaching snack though so I’ll have to come up with a new easy source of protein for that.

Fascinating about the amaranth and buckwheat! Those are my 2 favourite gluten-free flours. However, I definitely don’t have a gluten problem so that’s rather interesting. I’m 100% fine with wheat, and spelt is fine too but actually wheat came out even lower on the cart for me than the spelt did.

And dairy. Good old dairy. Well I was pretty surprised when I didn’t react upon re-introduction to it during the elimination diet, but the type of allergies and physical reactions that I’m dealing with are not immediate so that makes perfect sense. I have no problem cutting that out whatsoever.

As for beef, well that’s just funny. I look forward to telling my mother-in-law that I’m officially allergic to it. :)


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