The wonderful world of Alternative Baking!

Mandi's Alternative Baking BlogA friend recently called me a mad scientist when it comes to my baking experimentation, but I prefer to think of what I do as research and development. I’m interested in all things related to alternative baking.

Top baking priorities:

  • Replacing sugar with low-glycemic alternatives like agave, date sugar, coconut sugar, xylitol, stevia, etc.
  • Increase the fibre and provide options for gluten-free friends whenever possible.
  • Omit animal products for a more vegan-friendly lifestyle on an increasingly frequent basis.

In terms of replacing the sugar, I’m hypoglycemic and my father is diabetic and I’ve decided to stay off sugar, and reduce even the amount of natural sugars in my diet. As for the flours that I use, I really like to experiment to find both the best texture but also the best nutritional profile. As for exploring all that is vegan, I’m not actually vegan (I’m pescatarian) but I think that everyone can work to reduce the volume of animal products that we consume.

My baking experimentation began primarily with muffins, but at this point I’ve expanded my repertoire to include all sorts of healthful goodies including loaves, cakes, cookies and more.

So… let the baking begin!


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